007 Golden Eye Security, is your trusted security company in London. We help you to protect your event locations, building sites, construction grounds, shopping malls, restaurants and more. By assessing your business location’s specific needs and surrounding area, we can recommend the optimum security package to meet your requirements. Let us alleviate the stress that comes with feeling unsafe and exposed to potential security issues. Deciding on the right security approach to fit your special event & party is not easy, especially if you are not fully conversant with all the requirements. We boast of years of experience in offering consultation services to our esteemed clients.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are known for having vulnerable and costly building equipment, which makes them a soft target for burglars. We look after construction sites protecting all your stuff and also workers. You will have a piece of mind knowing that you have 24-hour protection for your items. The safety team will also control access to the areas; this prevents children and unauthorized personnel from coming in contact with heavy machinery, therefore reducing accident risks.

Events & Parties

If you hold special occasions often, surveillance should be your utmost consideration. We offer various services at parties that include checking guests’ invite confirmation IDs, prevention of under aged drinking, and noise control. We also provide conflict management services; to prevent the entry of unwanted substances. In private family parties, we ensure that you get all the required privacy to enjoy your family time. Providing optimum care for your clients during events will boost the reputation of your firm. Protect your clients; give them a fantastic experience by hiring our company to ensure maximum coverage.